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Status update: Café furnishings 
03:41pm 18/08/2004
mood: optimistic
Danielle and I took a look at furnishings yesterday, as well as the utensils needed for the café.

We decided to use Ikea as our main provider for the glassware and such, choosing it for its low prices, convinient on-site locations, and a continuity/consistency (should we ever need more matching wares from them).

View the current list here.

The total comes up to be: $1,630.17 which isn't too bad, considering. We might even be able to negotiate a discount from Ikea for purchasing so much of their products.

If you have any information, suggestions, or better deals concerning any products, please leave a comment here. Otherwise, the above list is pretty much all set. I like purchasing from Ikea because we don't have to be rushed into anything like one would at a liquidation sale and it's much easier to find matching things in the future should we ever decide to expand.

A list of things we still needCollapse )

***If you see any of the above equipments (especially the ones we don't have to worry about matching for like the cash register) for sale at a garage, furniture sale, online, etc. please inform me and we'll go check it out. Just keep a general eye out for these things, and we'd appreciate it if you dug a little and did research like me & Danielle did...

If you think of anything that's not up there, leave a comment about it. Keep in mind though that we're just trying to go for the very basics.

We'd also really really need donations, especially with things like kitchen products. I can provide my brand-new, never used coffee-maker but we also need a lot more stuff as listed up there. It'll help save us much-needed money... ;-;

Um, that's it, I think. A list of duties'll probably be coming up, along with a member introductions post (as soon as we get more people into the community >.>;) A little further down the road, we'll probably need someone to do the recipes & design the beverages, etc. offered by our café (I have a few books that might help with ideas) so just keep that in mind too and take notice of interesting stuff people like... ^^;
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